Yesterday Bloom Energy unveiled its new device—the Energy Server—at eBay’s California headquarters.  Google, Wal-Mart, Staples, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises and FedEx have also been testing the Energy Saver on their premises and have already begun reaping the energy and cost saving rewards.


So what exactly is this mysterious piece of energy-saving equipment?  The box uses fuel cell technology to combine any kind of fuel (natural gas, bio-fuel, landfill gas, etc) and oxygen to produce electricity.  Because the box is about the size of a parking space, companies can now generate on-site electricity… without burning, combustion or even an outside energy source.

What makes this fuel cell unique from its fuel cell predecessors is that it does not require expensive pure hydrogen.  Using almost any type of fuel, the Energy Saver promises the potential for reliable, lower-emission energy generation.  Bloom Energy has also mentioned that it will be unveiling the technology to power the Energy Saver with solar- or wind-generated electricity in the near future, making zero-emission power a real possibility.

In the meantime, the fact that the Bloom Box allows companies to cut energy costs while reducing emissions and the amount of energy lost over traditional transmission lines is pretty exciting.

Video about naming the Bloom Box: