Wal-Mart is unveiling their new Sustainability Index at their  Sustainability Milestone Meeting today, which you can watch via their webcast.  In a press release, Wal-Mart stated that the meeting will “address consumers’ increasing expectations for more sustainable products and how measuring sustainability can drive innovation in the supply chain and in products consumers purchase.”

Joel Makower’s article, “Walmart’s Sustainability Index: The Hype and the Reality.”

Using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework in creating a sustainability report for your organization can help you meet and even exceed the requirements of Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Index for their supply chain. 

To learn more about how to use GRI indicators to score off the chart for any impending regulations or supply chain indeces, click here and look for our GRI Process courses.  Or attend our conference about implementing the GRI framework.

“With Wal-Mart recently announcing the development of its new sustainability index—consisting of questions regarding Energy and Climate, Material Efficiency, Natural Resources, and People and Community—we recognize how the GRI reporting framework can enhance social responsibility efforts now more than ever,” comments Beth Meany, Director of BrownFlynn Learning. “The topics covered by the index are encompassed within the GRI performance indicators, but more importantly, The GRI Process serves as the management tool for improving answers to those questions in a meaningful way.”