UL Environment and GreenBiz Group have partnered to develop an organization-wide sustainability standard—ULE 880, Standard for Sustainability for Manufacturing Organizations—that will be used to assess corporate policies and practices against a spectrum of criteria in five domains:

  • Sustainability Governance: How an organization leads and manages itself in relation to its stakeholders, including its employees, investors, regulatory authorities, customers, and the communities in which it operates
  • Environment: An organization’s environmental footprint across its policies, operations, products and services, including its resource use and emissions
  • Workforce: Issues related to employee working conditions, organizational culture, and effectiveness
  • Customers and Suppliers: Issues related to an organization’s policies and practices on product safety, quality, pricing, and marketing as well as its supply chain policies and practices
  • Social and Community Engagement: An organization’s impacts on its community in the areas of social equity, ethical conduct, and human rights

Organizations that demonstrate leadership performance against the standard’s metrics will be recognized through a third-party verification process.  The developers of the Standard are planning on three levels of certification, reflecting increasingly higher levels of achievement.  There will be additional standards following ULE 880, including ULE 881, intended for service-sector companies.

BrownFlynn appreciates the responsibility to participate as a reviewer of this new corporate responsibility standard.

The draft of the ULE 880 standard is open for stakeholder comment through UL Environment’s online Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS). The comment period will be open for 45 days. UL Environment and GreenBiz Group welcome your participation during that period in reviewing and commenting on the standard.