Conference attendees gain professional development and inspiration through pre-conference workshops, or get expert perspective through BrownFlynn’s keynote and panel participation.

Pre-Conference Training

BrownFlynn brings CR and sustainability training to those attending sustainability conferences, industry meetings, professional association events, or regional summits.

Keynote & Panel Participation

Our team of keynote and panel experts has an average of 20 years’ experience to draw upon for events where sustainable business is in the spotlight. BrownFlynn’s Principals, Directors, and Senior Advisors provide business context, market and academic research, and identify drivers of value in sustainability programs. We often tap into our vast network of contacts in the field to find expert panelists to educate and inspire large groups.

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training courses
Course Format Description
Introduction to Sustainability Custom Learn the various meanings of terms such as “sustainability,” “corporate responsibility,” and “corporate citizenship.” Participants will receive an overview of the basic concepts and learn about the evolution of sustainability management.
Introduction to GRI Standards Reporting Custom Learn how to approach the GRI reporting process with an overview of the GRI Standards, including a focus on the technical revisions that will impact U.S. GRI reporters, and how to implement some of the more theoretical elements of the GRI Standards such as applying the new definition of boundary and impact. Also learn how to structure a materiality assessment and begin thinking about impact mapping. Check back for upcoming training.

The Business Case for Managing Sustainability Custom Learn about recent trends and the business case for managing non-financial impacts.

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Materiality In Practice Custom Learn the materiality process using the principles from GRI’s G4 Framework. This training provides an understanding of practical approaches to materiality and stakeholder engagement, including real-world examples and a chance to hear from experts in the field. We also discuss how materiality evolves from first time reporters to seasoned reporters, and we conduct a materiality exercise so participants can see firsthand how it’s done.
Non-Financial Reporting Frameworks Custom Learn how to think through the ways your company can utilize three important, but differing approaches to materiality—the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Framework, the International Integrated Reporting Council Framework, and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board™ Standards.

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Stakeholder Engagement Custom Learn strategies for prioritizing different stakeholders; the benefits of different methods for one- and two-way communication; practical advice for deploying an engagement strategy; and the overall value of stakeholder engagement.
Understanding Boundary Through Impact Mapping Custom Learn how impact mapping can add value to a company-specific materiality assessment and facilitate the move to G4 reporting. BrownFlynn will provide real-world examples and facilitate exercises for CR practitioners to see first-hand how it’s done.
Governance Custom Learn how to integrate measures of accountability into sustainability planning for your organization’s future and enhance management practices through organizational charters, councils, and board oversight.

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Ratings & Rankings Custom Learn how to prioritize and strategize responding to any of the 150+ sustainability ratings and rankings, including budgeting time and resources. This course is designed for those tasked with leading the company’s sustainability strategy and delivers interactive exercises, case studies, and tools for staying on top of the ratings into the future.
Integrated Reporting & Integrated Thinking Custom Learn about global trends that create risks to growth, operating margin, and ESG performance, including points to consider as you formulate your integrated reporting roadmap.

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Employee Engagement Custom Learn how to use your sustainability program to inspire both employees and job-seekers alike—to attract, retain, and equip top talent. Also learn how to engage everyone from the C-suite to the factory floor to be brand ambassadors and share your company’s vision with the wider world.
The GRI Snapshot In-person, 1/2 day Learn the business case for sustainability, an overview of the GRI G4 framework, and tools to help navigate the GRI Standards guidelines. Next open enrollment training sessions will be listed here as available.

Introduction to CDP Climate Change 2–4 hours Learn recent trends and updates from the CDP Climate Change questionnaire, the business case for doing a CDP Climate Change response and what you need to know to begin planning a CDP Climate Change reporting process.
Introduction to CDP Water 2–4 hours Learn recent trends and updates from the CDP Water questionnaire, the business case for doing a CDP Water response, and what you need to know to begin planning a CDP Water reporting process.
Introduction to DJSI 2–4 hours Learn recent trends and updates from the DJSI questionnaire, the business case for doing a DJSI response, and what you need to know to begin planning a DJSI reporting process.
Interactive Design Custom Learn why online reporting is more accessible, engaging, and measurable than stand-alone print reports.

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Introduction to DJSI In-person, 1/2 day Learn recent trends and updates from the DJSI questionnaire, the business case for doing a DJSI response, and what you need to know to begin planning a DJSI reporting process.
EcoVadis Questionnaire Training In-person, 1/2 day This in-person, half-day training is intended for any company responding to the EcoVadis questionnaire. We will provide an overview of EcoVadis, explain EcoVadis’ main scoring principles, and discuss how to use resources provided by EcoVadis. Check back for upcoming training.


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