BrownFlynn would like to congratulate ThyssenKrupp Elevators Americas, one of our clients, for receiving the 2012 Money-Saving Product Award from BUILDINGS magazine for its Geared to Gearless modernization system.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s gearless system uses a high efficiency motor directly integrated with the drive sheave, eliminating the geared assembly and achieving up to 95 percent machine efficiency.  The system includes a regenerative drive, which captures waste energy from the system, feeding it back into the building’s power grid. This reduces the environmental impact of existing elevators by eliminating waste, increasing energy efficiency, and improving indoor air quality.  The gearless system ultimately benefits elevator passengers, building owners, and managers.

BrownFlynn is thrilled that ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s innovation has been recognized.  We created a brochure describing their Modernization Solutions in 2011. We believe that companies that are actively engaged in sustainability initiatives, like ThyssenKrupp Elevators, deserve acknowledgment for their efforts as sustainability leaders.


By Brittany VanderBeek, Intern