BrownFlynn Learning, BrownFlynn’s new training and education division, is now pleased to be offering workshops to enhance sustainability initiatives at any level of an organization.  The workshops are customized to address issues specific to a participant’s company and/or industry.

Below is a listing of the workshops currently offered:

Sustainability – Getting Started

  • Triple Your Bottom Line—The Business Case for Sustainability
  • Organizing for Success in Sustainability
  • Gaining Employee Buy-In for Sustainability—An “Appreciative” Approach

Sustainability and Finance (Ideal for investor relations managers)

  • The Sustainability Indices: With More than 100 Rankings, Which Ones are Important?
  • Harnessing the Benefits of Corporate Accountability and the Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability Reporting

  • From Bloomberg to Goldman Sachs—Sustainability on Wall Street (Trends in Reporting and ESG)

Legal Issues Affecting Sustainability

  • Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Opportunities through Sustainability
  • Sustainability and Understanding the Regulatory Landscape
  • How to Avoid Greenwashing and Prepare for Regulatory Compliance Related to Sustainability

Your Supply Chain and Sustainability

  • Engaging Your Vendors While Furthering Your Goals
  • Supply Chain Pressures—The Wal-Mart Effect and New Expectations Related to Product Life Cycles

In addition, BrownFlynn Learning offers its signature course, The GRI Process: a GRI-certified training course about the sustainability reporting process. 

See BrownFlynn Learning’s website for more information about our training and education opportunities, which include open-enrollment courses, on-site courses, conferences and webinars.