Mike Wallace, Director of the Focal Point USA office for GRI, wrote an article on Greenbiz.com last week about how to deal with the recent onslaught of sustainability surveys. By survey, he means requests from a variety of different sources inquiring about sustainability performance data. So how does an organization sift through all the paper? Here are Mike’s six steps:

  1. Reality Check – mainstream investors are using sustainability information to make investment decisions
  2. Get Your Story Straight – in the spirit of transparency, every department in an organization needs to be singing from the same sheet of music re: sustainability performance
  3. Who’s Asking – know the key players in the ratings and rankings arena and understand their processes and how they serve respective markets
  4. Bloomberg on the Block – sustainability performance data for nearly 5,000 global public companies exists in terminals on 300,000 desks around the world
  5. Keeping it Real – organizations need to understand how they’re being compared to their peers; GRI is the most widely used reporting framework to standardize this comparison
  6. Taking Your First Step – review the list of GRI reporters and determine where your company stands next to its peers before embarking on your first report

Do you think these are good tips for understanding the sustainability reporting arena and taking your first step towards reporting? Would you change or add any steps to the list? Discuss!

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