Last week, ran an article stating that six thousand US companies are in support of climate change legislation. This number came from an analysis conducted by American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE) where they tallied up membership in seven coalitions and initiatives, including We Can Lead and the US Climate Action Partnership.

These companies employ an estimated 3.5 million people, represent more than $2.6 trillion in market cap and totaled $3.5 trillion in estimated revenue in 2009. Of these companies, 21 were Fortune 100 companies and 49 were Fortune 500 companies, including Target, Boeing, General Electric, Ford, IBM and United Technologies.

Christopher Van Atten of ABCE said “This unprecedented outpouring of business support for real leadership from the White House and US Senate on clean energy and climate should be a wake up call for elected officials in Washington” (

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What do you think? Is this analysis enough to make the government stand up and take notice? What does it really say about the corporate world’s stance on energy and climate change? Let’s hear your thoughts!