Earlier this summer, 800+ publicly traded companies received a notification of a new benchmark by JUST Capital. JUST Capital tracks, for the first time, corporate performance against the public’s values and expectations and intends to establish the definitive source of data and rankings on how corporations perform on the issues the public cares most about. The companies were specifically contacted because they encompass JUST’s initial rankings universe of the largest publicly traded companies in the U.S. JUST Capital shared a detailed set of performance criteria with each company. These criteria are unlike any developed by established ESG research firms; they are the result of a unique and comprehensive stakeholder engagement process. JUST Capital surveyed over 40,000 Americans to ask the question “What makes a JUST company?” For those companies that have produced a GRI report, this survey process is akin to the external stakeholder process conducted during a materiality analysis. JUST Capital's approach has captured a “view from the street” that defines the issues external business stakeholders and members of the public care about and informs the metrics that will be used to measure performance; these include such issues as paying a fair wage, creating domestics jobs, CEO to average worker pay, minimizing pollution, providing paid time off, avoiding business with repressive regimes, and developing strong relationships with local communities. In early November, JUST Capital announced its partnership with Forbes and released the results of its 2016 national survey work. The methodology, companies assessed, and the intended use of the information is all publicly available on the JUST Capital website. On Nov. 30, the 2016 rankings were revealed and showed the top performing companies in each of 32 industries, together comprising the ‘JUST100.' Join us for a conversation with JUST Capital to understand the how and why of their work and how the market is likely to respond.
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