The demand for corporate level ESG performance data is rapidly increasing and resulting in the expansion of ratings and rankings across all sizes and types of companies. ESG ratings and rankings are no longer limited to just the investment community. An increasing number of public agencies (government), non-profit organizations (non-profit healthcare and academic institutions) and private institutions (corporations) are systematically assessing thousands of suppliers on ESG performance (i.e., rating & ranking). Those suppliers consist of publicly traded companies, as well as privately held companies – so no one is excluded. This continued proliferation of new and different questionnaires, surveys, scorecards, ratings and rankings is not sustainable, but stakeholders continue to seek more new and different information. Is there an end in sight? Participants in this session will hear from experts in the field about the latest developments in corporate ESG performance analysis. This session will also enable WBCSD stakeholders to understand the current state of play, and will provide a collaborative opportunity for participants to help establish and focus the efforts of a new WBCSD working group dedicated to understanding, aligning and harmonizing the ESG ratings and rankings field.
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