A poll commissioned by GRI found that 60% of report readers felt that reading a sustainability report “positively influences their commitment and connection to an organization”. A whopping 97% said that the presence of a sustainability report itself is an indication that a company is improving its performance on sustainability initiatives. The study was conducted by Futerra Sustainability Communications, SustainAbility Ltd. and KPMG.

Some other key findings of the study:

  • 65% of companies writing reports said they did so to improve internal operations
  • Of those who read reports, more than half said they use the reports as a basis for investment/purchasing decisions
  • 45% said they use the info to share their views on a company with others
  • 40% said the reports had a positive impact on their behavior as a consumer

A survey conducted by KPMG for GRI last year found that 79% of 250 companies were reporting on non-financial indicators.

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Are these statistics surprising to you? Or do you think non-financial reporting is becoming common enough these days that the numbers seem low? Do any of the stats seem off? Discuss!