For years Nordstrom has had a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, and since 2007 has set the bar consistently higher for its environmental performance. But did you know?

There is a section of its website dedicated to corporate responsibility labeled “Nordstrom Cares“, but until recently it took some digging to find it. Last week the company launched a redesigned version of Nordstrom Cares that details all of the company’s CR efforts. The section is now an accessible link from the company homepage and gives readers bright-colored pictures and short, punchy stories that highlight initiatives.

The launch of this redesigned section is a big step and change in the way Nordstrom tells their CR story. Historically, the company has not made a splash when communicating its good work, nor do they intend to. According to Tara Darrow, director of public relations, the company has a very humble corporate culture. “We do things not to get credit for them and not because it’s a market initiative. We do things like this because it’s the right thing to do” (

Customers and employees expect this from the company as well, which consistently ranks among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Nordstrom plans to refresh its Nordstrom Cares content quarterly, and performance data for 2010 should be available early next year.

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