My name is Erin Murphy. For my senior year internship for Aurora High School I worked with BrownFlynn and their Senior Design Consultant, Jennifer Griffith, in the area of graphic design. I learned many new concepts that reinforced and also changed my perception of a career in graphic design. During my time at BrownFlynn, I learned some key things that reinforced my desire to pursue a career in graphic design, including:

  • Working with different Adobe software that I can have fun with
  • Helping different people communicate in a more effective way
  • Not everything in design is fun, but 99% of it is
  • I can work at a place that would allow me to do all different types of design work
  • Every day is different, but the projects will always be interesting and challenging

Also during my internship, I learned some new concepts that changed my perception of a career in graphic design. A couple of examples are:

  • It can be long hours depending on how far away you live from work and how much work you have to do
  • A graphic designer does not only do design, but also has to know the business side of the organization
  • There is a front and back door to design (or the designer and the person who brings those designs to life through coding). It’s hard to do both and do them perfectly.
  • Sometimes you might have a project that you do not necessarily want to do, but you have to do it anyway because it’s your job
  • A lot of responsibility can fall on your shoulders and sometimes a client might want you to do something at the last minute, and you have to be able to adapt and deliver for them

While my internship helped me realized what a true job in graphic design could be, I also know that for now I can just focus on college and enjoy the next few years before entering the workforce myself. Thank you everyone at BrownFlynn for helping me understand what a career in graphic design can really be.