After two months of interning with BrownFlynn, I have begun to understand the true meaning of teamwork within a business. I have started to see how design collaboration works within the real world, and how different it can be from school. I have learned my passion for design in school, but now realize so much more about how to apply that passion. You quickly learn where your talents fit within a business team, and where your talents can still be developed, which is only motivation for improvement. The experience has really enlightened my idea of design, and has allowed me to see the real potential that good design can have.

Whenever I would design something at school, there would be 15 other students and a professor there, to critique my work. All of their advice was very helpful, but there were many different opinions from all of these different designers. Your teacher may have one opinion while your peers have another. The work that I complete at school is satisfactory, but at times it can be a slow and challenging process. However, with BrownFlynn I have thoroughly enjoyed the way in which we bounce ideas off of co-workers in order to achieve the best design at a more rapid pace.

Here at BrownFlynn, I have found it easier to narrow my design efforts, and realize the final solution in a more clear way. This is mostly due to Jennifer Griffith, our senior design consultant, and the way she went about our work this summer. The way we have collaborated these past two months is unlike any other collaborative design I have done. Working with a legitimate design partner has also been the most fun I have had within my field. While I enjoy school, I believe there is an ample amount of direction within a business setting that school cannot give to a designer-in-training. This belief is even more apparent with an art director and design mentor like Jennifer.