Responsible-Investor reported last week that MSCI unveiled a suite of ESG indices that includes specialist environmental benchmarks under a newly branded division called MSCI ESG Research. This is following its acquisition of RiskMetrics Group in March. The benchmark series was publicly rolled out September 7 after being shown to clients.

Within this suite of environmental benchmarks is the MSCI Global Climate Index of 100 larger companies considered as leaders in environmental business, as well as a pure play Global Environmental Index covering companies with more than 50% of revenues from environmental technologies. MSCI has transitioned over the KLD Index family that includes three main sustainability indices: MSCI ESG indices that are calculated on a best-in-class basis from the broader MSCI Global Investable Market Indices (a series of values-based indices including the KLD 400 Social index), and the new Environmental Indices.

The new MSCI ESG Research division will include existing RMG work on ESG research and ratings on companies as well as ethical screening and compliance. To read the complete article please click here.

What do you think? Does it seem like new sustainability indices are popping up everyday? How do you know which ones to follow? Tell us your thoughts!