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Our Keynote Speaker of the “Leading the Future of Sustainability: Implementing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Framework” conference at Valparaiso University (Valparaiso, Indiana) on October 23-25th:

Ray C. Anderson, Founder and Chairman (CEO for the first 28 years) of Interface, Inc.–the world’s largest manufacturer of modular floor coverings and a billion-dollar company–has been named “the greenest chief executive in America.” Anderson, an industrial engineer and honors graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, currently holds eight honorary doctorate degrees. In 1973, he established Interface after working at various positions for Deering-Millken and Callaway Mills. Over two decades later, Anderson made a commitment to steer his company towards a zero emission manufacturing and processing endeavor to eliminate the negative impact upon the environment by year 2020, primarily through the use of new sources of energy and materials.

Anderson’s mid-course change in direction demonstrates his unique ability to embrace environmental preservation efforts without forfeiting profit-making. While the 20th century Industrial Revolution generated dramatic growth, it did so with insidious consequences. Anderson has made the bold choice “to pioneer the next Industrial Revolution that is kinder and gentler to the earth,” serving as an example to numerous business organizations.


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