wallquoteWhen business partners Barb Brown and Margie Flynn set out to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their consulting firm, they embarked on a book project that’s purpose was to give further voice to women leaders.

Yet, it became so much more.

UpliftingLeaders_quote3The women spent three years traveling the United States interviewing 25 of the nation’s most influential women business leaders who provided a myriad of candid insights and advice that became the basis behind the new book Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen to be Women).

And, while the book’s lessons are powerful, the authors want to do much more than simply tell stories.

UpliftingLeaders_quote9At the heart of the book is a call to action—to “pay it forward” by passing Uplifting Leaders and its insights onto other people in their lives.

“Whether in a gesture of gratitude for their help along the way, or in inspiration for the challenges to come, everyone can find a piece of wisdom to share from Uplifting Leaders,” Margie Flynn said.



How Can You Uplift a Leader Right Now?

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