There is a good blog post today on about ways to eliminate food waste, and one challenge is to throw a dinner party using less ingrediants than guests! Not only is this fun, but it forces you to think about what you really need, and what can you do without. Also, it’s a lesson in creativity and resourcefulness – two qualities most people couldn’t argue against wanting!

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“When I was climbing mountains, and had to carry 30 days’ worth of food on my back, I measured my oatmeal, cheese, and beans down to the last teaspoonful. I would lick the inside of a margarine wrapper to make sure I didn’t miss a single calorie. I needed all the energy I could get to keep climbing. I would never throw away food on a climb, just as I would never leave the house with all the lights on, or air-condition an empty room.

Mountain climbers today still have to be strategic about conserving food and energy, but they have more advanced tools to help, like super-lightweight backpacks and tents, and nutrient-dense energy bars—products specially designed to keep loads as light as possible. And at home, anyone can save energy more easily with tools like programmable thermostats, energy-saving bulbs, and fuel-efficient cars. But when it comes to saving food, our toolkit doesn’t go much beyond Tupperware. In fact, all along the line, our food system actually encourages waste, from farm, to store, to fridge.”
To read the rest of the blog and learn how you can help eliminate food waste, click here!
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