Lisa Woll
Chief Executive Officer, US SIF/ US SIF Foundation

lisa_wollIn January, BrownFlynn co-founders Barb Brown and Margie Flynn launched their first book Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen to be Women). The book introduces readers to 25 of the nation’s most accomplished women business leaders and shares their insights and advice on what it takes to be successful, while also empowering future leaders.

One women featured in the book who unquestionably defines the term “accomplished leader” is Lisa Woll, chief executive officer of US SIF, an association focused on advancing sustainable, responsible, and impact investing across all asset classes.

Recognized as a leader in her industry, as well as within the many non-profit organizations that she serves and has founded, Lisa advises, “You have to figure out how to work with different kinds of stakeholders, different kinds of people. Leadership is really nothing if people aren’t with you.”

Lisa has worked as an advocate and organization-builder across a range of domestic and international issues. She has been the chief executive officer of US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment and the US SIF Foundation for a decade, and has been advancing sustainable and impact investing through high-quality research, programming, education, convenings, and through engagement with the media and policymakers.

Before US SIF, Lisa was executive director of the International Women’s Media Foundation, an organization focused on press freedom and expansion of women’s role in the media. She was the director of the first international study to look at the impact of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and directed the Washington, DC office of Save the Children.


She is the founder of Suited for Change, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization serving low-income women, and a co-founder of The Women’s Alliance and Advantage Ethiopia: Kid’s Tennis and Education Fund.

With a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies, Lisa espouses the motto “Don’t agonize, organize.”

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