Heather Ettinger

Managing Partner, Fairport Asset Management
heather_ettingerWhen authors Barbara Brown and Margie Flynn set out to write a book empowering current and aspiring female leaders, they turned to 25 of the nation’s most accomplished and influential women in business, including Heather Ettinger, managing partner of Fairport Asset Management.

In their recently released book Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen to be Women), Brown and Flynn—co-founders of Cleveland-based corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm BrownFlynn—give readers insights and advice from top women leaders who, throughout their careers, work to empower and uplift others as they seek to progress in their lives and careers.

Heather has devoted more than 25 years to the financial services industry and has held several leadership roles at the company and on the numerous boards for which she has served.

In Uplifting Leaders, Heather shares an interesting exercise she practices to create a work environment in which people feel their voices and ideas are heard. She calls it “ERRC,” which stands for Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, and Create. After a client meeting or reviewing project strategies, she asks other for feedback on what she should be doing less of or eliminating altogether. She then asks what she should be doing more of or creating to improve processes, client experiences, or job effectiveness.

“A critical part of this process is to recognize the less effective choices that you as a leader have made and demonstrate how you learned from them so others know it’s possible to give you constructive feedback,” she says.

“Everyone gets to participate, and I applaud particularly the most daring and thoughtful feedback. Leaders must model the behavior the they want from others.”

In 2015, Heather was recognized on InvestmentNews’ inaugural “Women to Watch” list for her lasting impact on the financial industry, and she was named to the “Top 50 Distinguished Women in Wealth Management” by Wealth Management magazine in 2008.

As managing partner of Fairport Asset Management, Heather specializes in helping clients and their families create financial plans to guide them through life transitions.

Heather co-authored two studies about women and their unique needs and has been featured in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, InvestmentNews, Barrons, and Bloomberg.

 She serves on the board of directors of University Hospitals, The Private Trust Company, and Asurint-One Source Technology.


uplifting_leaders_cover_renderTo learn more about Uplifting Leaders, visit www.UpliftingLeaders.com.

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