Darla Stuckey
President and Chief Executive Officer, Society for Corporate Governance

Darla_StuckeyWhen BrownFlynn co-founders Barb Brown and Margie Flynn embarked on a book project that aimed to give further voice to female leaders, they turned to their friend and business colleague Darla Stuckey.

Featured in Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen to be Women), Darla shares many pieces of her leadership journey, including her thoughts on how she’s succeeded by empowering her employees:

“I’ve always wanted everyone to feel that what they’re doing is important. If they don’t understand the larger context, they can’t see that. But when they do, they become a passionate, engaged, empowered workforce and make appropriate decisions.”

UpliftingLeaders_quote25In 2009, Darla joined the Society for Corporate Governance, a non-profit organization that seeks to be a positive force for responsible corporate governance, providing news, research and “best practice” advice and providing professional development and education through seminars and conferences.

She was later named president and chief executive officer of the prestigious organization in 2015.

Darla has testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Dodd-Frank governance issues, and is a sought-after speaker on important legal, policy, advocacy, and research issues.

Prior to joining the Society for Corporate Governance, Darla was Senior Assistant Secretary at American Express Company and Corporate Secretary at the New York Stock Exchange.


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