The answer: Yes!  An increasing number of investors recognize the link between companies’ environmental and financial performance.  Traditional investors who typically weeded out “sin” businesses in their portfolios have shifted their focus to sustainable investing—positively screening for companies committed to sustainable development.  They’re seeking to invest in companies actively addressing the world’s environmental, developmental and resource challenges, thereby positioning them to deliver long-term, favorable returns.

CSRwire Talkback’s contributors Libby Bernick of Trucost (NA) and Liesel van Ast highlight other examples of mainstream investors’ increased focus on sustainability as a means of unlocking value.  For example, in 2012, investors favored carbon-efficient companies.  And, institutional investors are increasingly disclosing the environmental performance of their portfolios not only to increase awareness about risks, but also to respond to increased pressure for greater transparency.  To learn more about why investors really do care about sustainability, read more of CSRwire’s Talkback here.

–Margie Flynn