With our customizable BrownFlynn ESG Trends Tracker℠ report we do the work for you, allowing you to anticipate needs and proactively plan for the future. Management of ESG (or corporate responsibility and sustainability) issues is fast becoming table stakes for U.S. companies. As news and sources proliferate, how can your team stay on top of the most relevant information with limited time and resources?

Opportunity Benefits
Let BrownFlynn keep its finger on the pulse of what is most relevant to your company. Subscribe to our custom trends tracker for a monthly snapshot of the information you need, in one place, summarized for you.
  • Inform your CR team of news and events relevant to your industry and your company’s CR program

  • Track key company metrics being reported via Bloomberg, RepRisk, and other BrownFlynn data partners

  • Support your team’s efforts to stay up-to-date on relevant CR developments

  • Provide strategic guidance on navigating the CR landscape

Pricing & Terms Annual Payment Monthly Payment
Monthly trends report (PDF) compiling the most relevant CR news and events, customized to your company and industry Pay for the full annual subscription by check and receive discounted price of $7,250 Pay by credit card in monthly installments of $650
Let Us Customize Your Report
  • Industry/sector of focus

  • Peer or aspirational peers important to your company

  • ESG topics of special interest

For more information and/or to subscribe, please contact Marissa Brydle at (216) 303 6011, Jennifer Klie at (216) 303 6004, or email us.


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