BrownFlynn has been producing non-financial reports since 2005. We are expert in applying multiple reporting frameworks including GRI, SASB, and the IIRC.

However you choose to report, we guide you to use the reporting process as a management tool rather than producing a report for the report’s sake. Our end-to-end expertise includes writing, design, development, and production of your report regardless of reporting framework, audience, or reporting platform (e.g., print, online/interactive, highlights brochures, etc.).

Reporting As a Management Tool


The scope of problems confronting companies requires a comprehensive approach to governance, strategy, and communication. Our approach helps clients develop a deeper understanding of relationships and commitments, make better decisions, create more robust engagement with all stakeholders, and reduce reputational risk. It enables our clients to balance the short-term profit motive with concerns for the environment and society.

Through our reporting efforts, BrownFlynn helps clients understand and communicate the difference between sustainability initiatives and a sustainable business strategy.

We help clients make a commitment to strong governance.
  • Establish clear governance mechanisms that directly involve the board in ESG issues

  • Commit to transparency about ESG policies and procedures

We help clients build strong connection to stakeholders.
  • Develop a robust and responsive stakeholder engagement process

  • Credibly respond to societal demands for integrity and engagement

We help clients influence their future.
  • Develop a clear point of view about how to shape the future of the business and sector

  • Focus on ESG issues and UN SDGs that have the greatest effect on creating value over the long term

We help clients manage and lead change.
  • Commit to including ESG objectives in incentive compensation metrics to foster a culture of innovation in products, services, and processes

  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration and communication

We help clients communicate about their performance.
  • Ensure that honesty and openness guide decisions about report content

  • Commit to maintaining a long term horizon in external communications

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