For sustainability to be successful at your company, employees must understand and embrace your efforts. BrownFlynn develops sustainability employee engagement plans for a variety of clients and industries. Engagement plans build awareness, prompt employees to take action, and provide a path for employees to drive change in your organization.

Don’t assume a one-off tactic that worked well for another organization will work well in yours. A successful engagement plan should include a comprehensive set of tactics that spans at least 18 to 24 months to embed sustainability in your organization.

The BrownFlynn Engagement Pathway℠

BrownFlynn will recommend strategic language, tools, and tactics across these stages to drive Awareness, Connection, Commitment, and Ongoing Action.


Engaging employees around sustainability is complex and takes time. It requires developing a deep understanding of your employee audiences and their work environment, and leveraging communication channels that are most effective for each audience. We take time to uncover what will work best for your culture, your employees, and your industry to help you to tailor a plan that suits your organization.

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BrownFlynn joins ERM, the world’s leading sustainability consultancy; becomes platform for growth of their U.S. corporate sustainability and governance consulting services.



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