On behalf of our client, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., we are pleased to announce the release of their fourth annual Sustainability Report, “Explore.  Operate.  Grow.” 

The Sustainability Report provides a “comprehensive look at Cliffs’ business and describes the goals, progress, and outcomes in key areas of its sustainability strategy.”  It is GRI-certified and externally assured, earning a B+ rating for the third consecutive year.  Some of Cliffs’ major accomplishments highlighted in the report include:

  • The commission of an independent benchmarking assessment of its environmental social, economic, and governance policies, performances and programs.
  • The introduction of a “new Capital Investment System, a structured and integrated process designed to assess viability of a capital project throughout all phases of the investment system.”
  • The Environmental Assessment (EA) of its chromite project in Northern Ontario and an EA review process that promotes stakeholder engagement.

Cliffs’ executive vice president of legal, government affairs, and sustainability and chief legal officer, Kelly Tompkins, describes that “sustainability allows us to develop new opportunities and risks, while gaining the support of stakeholders and agencies that allow us to grow.”  The Sustainability Report reveals Cliffs’ sustainability efforts and recognition of its “responsible and safe operation, respectful engagement and effective environmental stewardship.”

To review a complete copy of the Sustainability Report, “Explore.  Operate.  Grow” please click here.

To learn more about sustainability at Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., please click here.

By Brittany VanderBeek, Intern