The Cleveland Carbon Fund issued a press release today announcing the availability of new grants for projects that reduce carbon emissions and have beneficial local impacts. Grants for up to $10,000 will be available to fund carbon reduction projects in the Cleveland area.

Projects will be competitively selected based on the amount of greenhouse gases reduced and community benefits. Past projects have included home weatherization and energy efficiency projects in Cleveland neighborhoods.

Applications are due March 16th at 5pm and can be found online at

BrownFlynn is a proud community partner of the Cleveland Carbon Fund, and Margie Flynn, Principal & Co-owner, is a member of the Fund’s Advisory Committee. Founded in 2009, the Cleveland Carbon Fund is the first community-based carbon reduction fund in the United States. It invests in local community projects that reduce GHG emissions and spark economic development in Cleveland. Founding partners include Cleveland Clinic, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation and GreenCityBlueLake (Cleveland Museum of Natural History).

The Fund provides an option for anyone who wants to reduce carbon emissions in Cleveland to have the power to do so. Individuals and corporations are encouraged to calculate their carbon footprint on the Fund’s website and make a tax-deductible donation to the Fund. Donors can be assured their contributions are making sustainable, positive change in Cleveland area neighborhoods, as the money collected goes to implementing local projects that reduce the overall carbon emissions of the Cleveland area.