To start, I want to thank BrownFlynn for such a great opportunity to take a step outside of the classrooms and school hallways. I also want to point out that this is my first time being in any type of office setting, so some observations may appear more obvious to some. Before coming to BrownFlynn, my limited knowledge of the firm included their three practice areas: consulting, communications, and training. However, at that time, I didn’t really understand what those areas actually entailed. That being said, these are the things that I learned and the things that stood out to me most in my time here:

  • Communication: This is an important tool for success in any area of life. I think everyone at BrownFlynn is either very aware of this or, most likely, they are all great by nature. From my limited amount of experience coordinating events at my school, I know how difficult it can be to rely on others. At BrownFlynn, they have to do this all the time, and yet they always seem to keep calm and collected. Everyone knows how to work efficiently and everything is coordinated to maintain a streamlined, smooth working environment.
  • Work Ethic: Whether they’re working on a report, planning a layout, meeting with clients, or doing any of the other countless things that seem to be happening at BrownFlynn, everyone is always focused and giving their best effort. This is just what I picked up from being able to listen in on conversations about upcoming events and tasks, so I can only imagine how much they actually put into action.
  • Atmosphere: Although the BrownFlynn team is always busy at work, they still make coming to work an enjoyable experience. They are always willing to help and support each other. Everyone’s ability to keep themselves and their clients so organized with meetings and deadlines is very impressive.

Though a large part of BrownFlynn’s work is with helping companies manage their sustainability efforts, they also practice sustainability in their own office. They have blue recycling bins at every desk and have worked to reduce their waste. They even make their own sustainability reports available to the public. Implementing these philosophies in their office really demonstrated to me how passionate BrownFlynn is about their policies.

A few of the specific things I participated in while here: I was able to attend a fun networking luncheon, a webinar hosted by BrownFlynn about GRI and SASB, numerous phone conferences, and I had the opportunity to help with some preliminary edits. These are all things that I have never experienced and I know will give me good footing when I begin my own jobs in the future.