BrownFlynn is pleased to announce its status as a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Silver Consultancy Partner in the U.S.  BrownFlynn recognizes the increased importance for organizations to disclose their carbon footprint and climate change strategy, and the need to be transparent in reporting to CDP.  Further, with over 3,700 companies already responding to CDP, BrownFlynn is confident it can help meet the growing demand for Response Checks from these responding organizations.

“CDP is pleased to welcome BrownFlynn as a Consultancy Partner in the U.S.,” says Paul Robins, Head of Partnerships for CDP.  “We expect them to be a valuable resource in the Response Check process.”

As a U.S. Consultancy Partner, BrownFlynn has been trained by CDP and is now able to provide the Response Check service for CDP responding companies that are completing their 2012 response.  Response Check is a high level ‘checking’ service for responding companies.  It is an additional set of expert eyes reviewing the completeness of a response before final submission to CDP.  An experienced BrownFlynn consultant will perform a third-party check of a company’s survey to ensure the response is as complete as possible, and will provide feedback to the responding company.

For more information about how BrownFlynn can conduct a Response Check for your organization’s 2012 CDP Response, please contact Christopher Thomas, Senior Consultant, at or 440.484.0100 x8. To learn more about BrownFlynn and CDP, please click here.