Margie Flynn (left) and Barb Brown, Principals and Co-owners of BrownFlynn

Principals and Co-owners Barb Brown and Margie Flynn were featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this past Sunday in a special segment called “Talk with the Boss” in the Business Section.

Brown and Flynn were quick to point out that there is no ‘boss’ at BrownFlynn, but rather our culture is that of a collaborative team that has respect for each other. Brown defined leadership as: “Leadership is when you have set the foundation for how you would like your company to operate. We have developed principles (that) represent what we believe we would want to see if we held a mirror up to ourselves” (Funk, Plain Dealer).

Brown and Flynn credit an old boss for pushing them to think outside the box and doing things they didn’t know how to do to learn them. They look for passion and commitment when hiring associates, though they acknowledge finding the right culture fit is a challenge.

Brown and Flynn conclude with these words for their organizational vision: “It is very much about our commitment to making this world a better place. Yet if we were to continue to do the same things we are doing today five years from today, that may not get us to where we need to be. It is an ideal vision, of having the business world embrace these principles as a way of doing business” (Funk, Plain Dealer).

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