BrownFlynn’s success depends on the intelligent, hard-working individuals who are passionate about sustainability and strive to deliver quality work for our clients every day. We offer a flexible and dynamic working environment that allows team members to bring their best self to the office every day. We invest in our people both professionally and personally, and provide the necessary support to build a fulfilling career.

Employee Testimonials

Adrienne Ellis

How does BrownFlynn develop you personally?

“Working at BrownFlynn enables me to grow professionally and personally. Not only have I developed a unique skillset in sustainable strategizing, I am also more organized, efficient, and capable of deeply understanding client needs to shape my approach to work.”


Kevin Payne
Associate Consultant

What’s your favorite thing about being an Associate Consultant at BrownFlynn?

“My colleagues are the best part of working at BrownFlynn. They create a collaborative work environment where everyone is dedicated, hard-working, and fun—especially the design team!”


Mark Pelsozy
Associate Consultant (former Analyst)

What’s your favorite thing about being an Associate Consultant at BrownFlynn?

“I love the culture at BrownFlynn—it is place where I am excited to go every day. Working alongside such intelligent and dedicated people inspires me to continually develop new skills and enables me to be a more trusted advisor to our clients, who represent some of the greatest examples of corporate responsibility and governance.”


Julianne Potter
Associate Consultant (former Analyst)

What’s your favorite thing about being an Associate Consultant at BrownFlynn?

“My favorite thing about being an Associate Consultant at BrownFlynn is knowing that I’m putting my talents to their best possible use—helping the most influential companies of our time make groundbreaking shifts in their disclosure, their strategic planning, their employee engagement, and their business practices while, at the same time, investing in myself by working in a cool city, with smart people who are committed to my growth and success.”


Jared Robbins
Senior Consultant (former Analyst)

How does BrownFlynn develop you personally?

“I see BrownFlynn as a career-driven culture. The Firm rewards hard work, and employees are given every opportunity to grow with the company. BrownFlynn’s culture enables me to thrive both professionally and personally. From day one, I have received the advice and mentorship, as well as the freedom to innovate and specialize, needed to advance my career here at the Firm.”


Why Cleveland?
Nov 28, 2017

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Amtrak magazine spotlights the booming foodie scene in Cleveland.

Oct 20, 2017

Cleveland ranked 14th friendliest place in America.

Sep 20, 2016

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March 20, 2015

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June 12, 2014

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BrownFlynn joins ERM, the world’s leading sustainability consultancy; becomes platform for growth of their U.S. corporate sustainability and governance consulting services.



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