As a corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm, we are committed to the preservation of our planet. We understand the impacts we have on the environment and recognize that natural resources are finite. Given our size as an organization, our direct environmental impact is limited and environmental topics did not rise to the threshold of materiality; nevertheless, we strive to “walk the talk” every day, both individually and collectively as a firm.

Our office environmental policy includes guidance on conserving resources and energy, as well as the purchasing of recycled and post-consumer products from sustainable vendors and suppliers. We recycle all of our recyclable waste; per our office environmental policy, every employee has a recycling bin at their desk that feeds into larger receptacles in our office that capture all paper and plastic waste. When the receptacles are full, our landlord employs a third-party vendor to pick up and process our recyclables.

We try to conserve electricity, heat, air conditioning, and water where feasible—because we lease our office space, we have little control over these matters. However, the building in which our office is housed is owned by one of our clients that is committed to sustainability, and they actively maintain their properties as efficiently as possible. They are also willing to collaborate on ideas for how to make the building and its operations more sustainable.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our procurement, we follow our Environmental and Sustainable Purchasing Policy. We employ the following sustainable practices:

  • We purchase office supplies and food items in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

  • We purchase coffee pods that are 97% compostable for use in our coffee maker.

  • We use glass drinkware, ceramic dinnerware, and metallic flatware to eliminate kitchen waste from cans, bottles, paper, and plastic.

  • We work with our clients on sustainable procurement and supplier selection.