BrownFlynn is a women-owned, small business. Nearly 75 percent of small businesses fail in the first 15 years of operation.1 Nationally, only nine percent of all firms have “high economic impact”—meaning they generate $500,000 or more in annual revenues—and only four percent of women-owned firms do this.2 As a firm that started nearly 20 years ago, we are encouraged that our success defies statistics and that we have the opportunity to serve as an example to other small, women-owned firms.

For BrownFlynn to continue to positively impact our clients’ performance—as well as benefit our suppliers and employees—we need to profitably manage our business operations. BrownFlynn utilizes a firm dashboard outlining organization-wide objectives and goals. Over the past two years, BrownFlynn has made a concerted effort to streamline and standardize core business and project management processes. As a small but growing business, improving core financial processes and discipline have been essential components of sustained economic performance.

To improve financial performance, client-facing employees focus on accurately scoping project work and delivering projects efficiently. Consultants share best practices so that others can leverage rather than recreate processes and approaches that deliver results. We work together with clients to manage timelines and expectations. BrownFlynn has also shifted administrative responsibilities and increased the ratio of billable/non-billable personnel.

As a locally owned and operated firm, BrownFlynn contributes to our local economy and supports local clients. As a private company, we elect to not disclose proprietary and sensitive financial performance data. However, we are fully transparent with our employees about our financial performance.


2013–2014 Percent of Firm Revenues
by Standard Industrial Classification

G4-EC3, G4-EC4
Economic Performance
Indicators & Performance
Key Performance Indicators 2013 Performance 2014 Performance Comments
Coverage of the organization’s defined benefit plan obligations 100% coverage of 401(k) “safe harbor” and discretionary contributions 100% coverage of 401(k) “safe harbor” and discretionary contributions
Financial assistance received from government None None


We applied and were approved for a business development grant from the City of Cleveland. Funds will not be awarded until 2016, 2017, and 2018.
Consultant utilization rate 50% 40%
Total charitable cash contributions $7,415 $3,325


BrownFlynn also gives generously of its time and talent to many organizations. Learn more in Community Engagement & Volunteerism.


1 Bureau of Labor Statistics

2 The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, commissioned by American Express OPEN