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BrownFlynn views stakeholder engagement as critical to our business and reaches out to our stakeholders for input and perspective on a regular basis. In addition to engaging employees in weekly huddles, monthly staff meetings, and at the Firm’s annual retreat, employees are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly about issues or concerns as they arise. Clients have the opportunity to respond to an annual client satisfaction survey in years when BrownFlynn does not conduct a materiality assessment. Our Principals also conduct regular check-in calls for clients to provide additional feedback. BrownFlynn plans community outreach events with our advisory board and other key stakeholders for every significant anniversary (10 years in business, 15 years, 20 years, etc.).

In 2014, BrownFlynn engaged stakeholders as part of our materiality assessment; BrownFlynn leaders provided input to prioritize stakeholders to interview based on their impact and influence on the Firm. As part of our materiality assessment, we surveyed employees and interviewed the following external stakeholders:

Stakeholders Interviewed

100% of BrownFlynn’s employees responded
to our materiality survey.

During this process, our stakeholders shared perspectives about BrownFlynn’s strengths as a firm, our greatest risks, and ways for us to enhance our impact. Some of BrownFlynn’s identified strengths include providing subject matter expertise, focusing on and delivering value through the reporting process, leading clients through strategic initiatives, establishing councils and governance best practices, and engaging executives on sustainability initiatives. The most significant potential risk is not following the sustainability practices BrownFlynn espouses as a firm.

Stakeholders identified opportunities for BrownFlynn to increase our impact by:

  • Demonstrating why reporting is important and helping clients bring their reports to life

  • Helping clients implement our recommendations

  • Developing a learning leadership academy

  • Getting involved in more industry associations to reach and influence more companies

  • Publishing thought leadership pieces showcasing BrownFlynn’s point of view

  • Increasing business travel to build stronger client relationships and provide opportunities to identify additional business opportunities

As a result, BrownFlynn has worked with several clients to publish their first GRI G4 core option reports, including an interactive online report; developed solutions to help clients engage their employees in sustainability initiatives; created a suite of webinars and training curricula to educate companies; increased engagements with organizations such as the Sustainability Leadership Forum, Automobile Industry Action Group, and Sustainable Pittsburgh; published monthly articles in GreenBiz; and increased in-person client meetings, where feasible.