As a small firm, attracting and retaining high-quality professionals is paramount for BrownFlynn to provide sustainable impact through our client work. BrownFlynn’s hiring process targets the best and most qualified candidates, regardless of gender or race. Our definition of diversity extends beyond physical characteristics to include professional background, education, and personal life experience. Every team member brings a different skill set and expertise to the Firm that allows us to collaborate across project teams to deliver the highest quality work to our clients.

To attract and retain high-caliber employees, BrownFlynn offers market-based salaries and a competitive benefits package for a firm of our size. Though we experienced some turnover of valuable team members in 2015 due to personal and professional reasons, we have since hired seven new team members at our headquarter office, bringing our total number of employees to 18 at the end of 2016. We also hired a part-time senior advisor who is an expert in integrated reporting, helping us build service capabilities in this space, and serving as a thought leader/speaker for BrownFlynn around the country.

BrownFlynn aspires to be a great place to work with a culture that is fun, challenging, innovative, and creative. “We Are BrownFlynn” highlights our values and embodies the Firm culture. We provide opportunity for work-life balance by allowing flexible schedules and telecommuting when client commitments allow. We adhere to a 40-hour work week, except when client deadlines and tightened project timelines require otherwise. BrownFlynn has an open-door policy wherein employees are encouraged to offer honest feedback and/or suggestions to management.

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Analyst Materiality Assessment

In the summer of 2016, our analysts embarked on an internal materiality assessment to identify areas of importance to them specifically, as well as areas of importance to other BrownFlynn team members and clients. This exercise created dialogue about career mapping, mentoring, and attracting and retaining new talent. It also spurred discussions about areas of opportunity and growth for BrownFlynn regarding business development and client relationship building. The analysts used a forced ranking methodology to determine the relative priorities, and presented their own topic scores first before soliciting scores from other BrownFlynn team members and clients. This process was a modified approach from our traditional materiality assessments but created a great dialogue among the analysts and with the Firm overall.

Some topics emerged as most material:

  • Research

  • Time management and organization

  • Writing

  • Analysis

  • Problem-solving

  • Focus and efficiency

  • Professionalism

We gathered key quotes from several respondents about the importance of each topic and plan to include some of these quotes on the Careers page of our website as testimonials for potential employees who are considering working for BrownFlynn.


We continue to make employee engagement and satisfaction a priority by offering team members flexible work arrangements and providing opportunities for informal gatherings inside and outside of the office. We encourage different types of interaction amongst team members such as grabbing coffee or lunch, or simply stopping by a co-worker’s desk to ask how their day is going or to see if they need help with anything. Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® list measures and ranks companies through analysis of the results of their Trust Index© survey and Culture Audit© questionnaire. These tools allow employees to assess their workplace on such things as the honesty and quality of communication by managers; degree of support for employees’ personal and professional lives; and the authenticity of relationships with colleagues. We fully support these facets of a ‘best workplace’ and strive to provide our people with an inviting and friendly environment. Further, we actively seek to hire employees with diverse backgrounds and interests, and we regularly demonstrate our appreciation for all the ways in which our people are unique.


Recruiting & Retention
Indicators & Performance
Key Performance Indicators 2013 Performance 2014 Performance 2015 Performance 2016 Performance
New Hires 5 3 3 4
Millennials 2 female/1 male, Cleveland 1 female, Cleveland 1 female/2 male, Cleveland 3 female, Cleveland
Gen X 2 female, Cleveland 1 female, Ann Arbor; 1 male, Los Angeles 0 1 male, Cleveland
Boomers 0 0 0 0
Turnover 4 4 3 0
Millennials 2 female, Cleveland 1 female, Cleveland 2 female, Cleveland 0
Gen X 1 female, Cleveland 2 male, Cleveland 1 female, Cleveland 0
Boomers 1 female, Cleveland 1 female, Cleveland 0 0
Gender diversity ratio 25% male 15% male 20% male 26% male