As a corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm, we are committed to the preservation of our planet. We understand the impacts we have on the environment and recognize that natural resources are finite. Given our size as an organization, our direct environmental impact is limited and environmental topics did not rise to the threshold of materiality; nevertheless, we strive to “walk the talk” every day, both individually and collectively as a Firm.


Since our last report, the topic of Transport has become increasingly important internally due to our move to downtown Cleveland. Situated in the central business district has increased our team members’ proximity to the office, train stations, and bus stops. 80 percent of our Cleveland staff now walks, carpools, or takes public transit to work. In 2016, we were honored to receive a bronze award for the Commuter Choice Challenge, as well as the small business prize (see highlight story.) This was a nice improvement from our Honorable Mention in 2015. Our employees appreciate the local transit options and, beginning in January of 2017, we enhanced our benefits package to include pre-tax transit passes, with a firm subsidy, for employees through the Greater Cleveland RTA Commuter Advantage program.

Team members still travel for project kick-off meetings and key milestones during a project, as well as for business development, conference presentations, and BrownFlynn-hosted trainings. However, we conduct meetings via phone or video conference as often as possible to reduce our carbon footprint, and correspond daily via email.

Highlight Story

BrownFlynn Wins Commuter Choice Challenge Award

Eighty percent of our headquarter staff takes public transit (train or bus), carpools, or walks to work every day. Because we encourage each other (where possible) to use means of transportation other than driving, BrownFlynn took home the bronze award and the small business prize for the Commuter Choice Challenge. The Challenge is an initiative that was created in 2016 by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and the city of Cleveland to celebrate the Year of Sustainable Transportation. The Challenge will continue in 2017, and organizations are encouraged to continue supporting employee health and wellness, and more sustainable forms of transportation.

Other Environmental Impacts

Our office environmental policy includes guidance on conserving resources and energy, as well as the purchasing of recycled and post-consumer products from sustainable vendors and suppliers. We recycle all our recyclable waste, and per our office environmental policy, every employee has a recycling bin at their desk that feeds into larger receptacles in our office to capture all paper and plastic waste. When the receptacles are full, our landlord employs a third-party vendor to pick up and process our recyclables.

As a tenant in a large multi-office facility, we do whatever possible to conserve electricity, heat, air conditioning, and water. Because we lease our office space, and are in a historic property, there are limits to what we can control. However, we regularly engage with our landlord to discuss ways to maintain the office as efficiently as possible, and control those aspects that we can such as replacing incandescent lightbulbs with LED bulbs when replacements are needed.