As a sustainability consultancy, BrownFlynn understands the importance of focusing on the sustainability issues where we have the greatest impact. In 2014, BrownFlynn conducted a materiality assessment to identify the most important sustainability topics to our Firm and stakeholders. As part of our materiality assessment, our internal stakeholder engagement process included interviews and surveys with 100% of our employees. We also received extensive feedback from 14 of our external stakeholders including clients, strategic partners, and community leaders. BrownFlynn utilized the data and feedback we received from our materiality assessment to prioritize and focus the content of this sustainability report.

In This Section
  • Material Topics & Boundaries

    This section outlines BrownFlynn’s process for defining report content, materiality matrix, and changes to topics covered in previous reporting periods.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    After sharing BrownFlynn’s approach to engaging stakeholders, this page highlights stakeholder feedback and the firm’s response.