Dear Valued Stakeholders:

With great pride, we present our fifth sustainability report, Partner for Sustained Value, produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative and—new this year—aligned with the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals. Covering the 2015-2016 reporting period, this report demonstrates BrownFlynn’s continued commitment to walking the talk as a corporate sustainability and governance consultancy while partnering with clients to achieve positive impact and sustained value.

barb and margie
Milestones Achieved

BrownFlynn hit several milestones during the reporting period, most notably celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2016. During our two decades, we have continually evolved and grown—more than once taking bold leaps ahead of market trends—to make BrownFlynn what it is today. Reflecting on the last two years, several factors contributed to our sustained growth and magnified impact as we:

  • expanded our team of highly talented people;

  • welcomed numerous top-brand clients and partners;

  • re-launched our website to showcase our enhanced service offerings (including—among others—investor engagement, governance, and integrated reporting), training capabilities, and vast resources;

  • strengthened our thought leadership through increased speaking engagements, webinars, published articles, and social media outlets;

  • improved our Firm effectiveness and efficiency by implementing policies, procedures, and tools to help us better serve clients; and,

  • won the NOACA “Commuter Choice Challenge” two consecutive years for our team’s efforts in promoting employee health and using sustainable transportation.

Recognizing 20 Years & Giving Back

Every five years, BrownFlynn commits to giving back to the community in a bold way. Therefore, in celebration of our 20th year, we published a book titled Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen To Be Women), all net proceeds from which will be donated to the YWCA Greater Cleveland’s Nurturing Independence and Aspirations (NIA) Program to support the education of young women transitioning out of foster care. Writing a book has long been on our bucket list, but interviewing 25 influential, accomplished top women executives and capturing their uplifting leadership lessons was a privilege. The book enables readers to “pay it forward” by sharing the lessons with other aspiring and established leaders—female and male. We believe there is no better way to lift up the NIA Program participants’ self-esteem and careers than through a good education and following the valued insights in the book.

Sustaining Value

BrownFlynn remains steadfast in our mission to create sustained value by meeting clients where they are and continually evolving to meet their changing needs. We will continue tracking the latest trends to help our clients mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. And, we will seek new ways to walk the talk and demonstrate our expertise in the corporate sustainability and governance field, including refreshing our Firm materiality assessment in 2017 and setting bold sustainability goals.

We extend a special thanks to our BrownFlynn team, valued clients, colleagues, and friends for your support as continue striving to achieve our vision to create a world where all companies operate in a manner that enables current and future generations to thrive. Our work is far from finished, but our resolve to leap further ahead remains unabated. With you, we remain partners in sustained value.


Barb Brown and Margie Flynn
Principals and Co-Founders