We love our headquarter offices. In many ways, it’s because the space reflects the personality of BrownFlynn.

We occupy the 36th floor of Cleveland’s landmark Terminal Tower; the very same space the Van Sweringen brothers occupied after they built the Tower and its innovative “city within a city” complex. Both pragmatic and innovative for the time, they understood the value of having offices near shops, restaurants, hotels, and public transportation. These physical attributes drew us to this space; but it was our common belief that pragmatism and innovation can coexist that sold us. Practically, this means the vast majority of our team walks to work or uses public transportation. For our out-of-town associates and clients, they can hop on the rapid transit from the airport and arrive at Terminal Tower in less than 20 minutes. Once off the elevator, the surroundings inspire our creativity and innovation on behalf of our clients. We do this by honoring and learning from history, admiring and appreciating modern amenities, and admiring the people, land, and water we aim to help sustain and thrive.

Walking in, visitors are reminded of days gone by—when a bigger office meant a bigger job. The very setting of dark paneling and high ceilings conveyed professionalism, confidence, and the right to offer an opinion, and offer it assertively. BrownFlynn is proud to embody these characteristics with a modern twist infusing bright colors to make the atmosphere fun and approachable. Take our conference rooms for example, aptly named, “Top Shelf”, “With a Twist”, “On the Rocks”, and “Straight No Chaser.” Who occupies those big offices formerly housed by one executive? Up to eight of our associates, some who choose to sit, others who take turns at standing desks, but all who enjoy an incredible 360-degree view of our beautiful city. The Principals? In the former secretaries’ offices.

Our Space: Then & Now

Then: Lobby 1948 / Now: Lobby

Then: Large Conference Room 1947 / Now: Top Shelf Conference Room

Then: Secretary’s Office 1947 / Now: Margie’s Office

Then: Hallway 1948 / Now: Hallway Toward Barb’s Office

Then: Large Office 1947 / Now: Large Workroom

Historic 36th floor photos courtesy of the Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society.


BrownFlynn Lights Up Times Square

Early in September 2017, BrownFlynn and Uplifting Leaders* (*Who Happen to Be Women), a book written by the firm’s Co-Founders Barb Brown and Margie Flynn, lit up the Nasdaq MarketSite Tower in Times Square. The book captures insights and stories of 25 of the nation’s most accomplished and influential women in business—including Adena Friedman, President and CEO of Nasdaq, on how they empower and uplift others as they seek to progress in their lives and careers. In recognition of BrownFlynn’s 20th anniversary, all net proceeds of the book will be donated to the YWCA Greater Cleveland to “uplift” and support the education of young women transitioning out of foster care.



BrownFlynn Launches Fifth Sustainability Report, in Accordance with GRI G4 Guidelines

In April 2017, BrownFlynn was proud to release its fifth sustainability report, Partner for Sustained Value, written in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines Core option.



BrownFlynn and Sustainserv Form Strategic Partnership;
Strengthens Sustainability Expertise and Geographic Reach

In October 2016, BrownFlynn, a Cleveland-based corporate sustainability and governance consulting firm, and Sustainserv, a Zurich- and Boston-based corporate sustainability, analytics, and communications firm, have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will leverage complementary capabilities to give corporations access to a comprehensive and expanded library of sustainability services in North America, Europe, and Asia.



Shift Happens

Check out Shift Happens, BrownFlynn’s monthly GreenBiz column focusing on sustainability and organizational change.



Professional Development

In need of the latest professional development in the sustainability field? BrownFlynn offers a wide range of webinars, trainings, and speaking engagements.