“Want people to support your organization’s green initiatives?  Make them part of business as usual.”

Net Impact and The GreenBiz Group recently released “TD Bank: Where Green is Going Viral,” a case study about TD Bank’s successful environmental employee engagement program.  TD Bank, the U.S. subsidiary of the Toronto-based TD Bank Group and a Top 10 retail bank in the United States, has ambitious targets for 2015 to reduce paper consumption by 20% and actual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per employee by at least 25%.  In 2012, TD Bank launched an environmental employee engagement plan to capitalize on its employee workforce of 27,000 in order to achieve its 2015 targets.  The goal of the plan is to make “green” resonate with employees throughout all business processes and the workplace culture.  The case study outlines five lessons for organizations and individuals to integrate sustainability into their workplace culture.  Read the full case study here.

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BrownFlynn commends TD Bank for sharing its thoughtful insights about environmental employee engagement.  Organizations from across the board, whether corporate, nonprofit or governmental, can benefit from reviewing the case study’s five lessons to improve environmental engagement.

As Diana Glassman, Head of TD Environment, said, “Don’t underestimate the power that is unleashed when people get engaged.  If a lot of people begin focusing on the water, energy and food they consume, they will have an impact.”

By Brittany VanderBeek, Analyst